pixel noizz

PIXEL NOIZZ (visual berlin)
He started to make live visuals around 2005 in hungary.
Nowadays he mostly works with generative structures both on audiovisual -and art field. The focus of the live visuals is the live generated environment, abstraction of the music, visually re-construction of the music.
He uses many kind of inputs as live drawing, or motion tracking, involving the real interaction between music, audience and visuals.
The newest development is a realtime glitch and pattern based software (G_P_G) with several 3d possibilities.


.Moog Conspirancy – Pan Pot, Schloss Wilhelmsburg (DE)
.Seed Djs, Berlin
.Tri Band, Berlin
.Rotfront, Berlin
.FAG U parties, Helsinki
.Realistic Crew, Berlin
.Budapest Wunderground, Amsterdam
.Hairy Records Parties with Oxia, Loco Dice, Magda, Der Dritte Raum, Minilogue, Elite Force
.Lick the Click Parties with Modeselector, Konrad Black, Jon Carter, Ame
.Cinetrip parties, Budapest
…has already worked with all kind of music groups from minimal through pop to jazz, as Dave Tipper, Tiesto, Fischerspooner, Freestylers, Dub Pistols and more…

.roBOt.02, Bologna, 2009 – Serpendity performance and CurlyCode&G et-Control showcase
.Avit-Kezmarok, 2009 – art director&concept, quartz composer workshop
.LPM, Rome, 2009 – Serpendity performance premier
.B-Seite Festival, Mannheim, 2008 – 3L workshop and visual performance
.VJ-Fest, Istanbul, 2008 – interactive and live visual performances, ‘interactive possibilities in the live visual’ workshop
.FF Mediafestival, Rovaniemi, 2007 – VJ workshop, VJ and interactive visual performance
.Cinetrip VJ- Tournament, Budapest, 2006 – organizer
.Edirol technical presentation, Budapest, 2006
.Intersputnik – interplanetary weekend, Taliándörögd, 2006 – planning, live visuals, animations